Mother`s Day Stall

posted 16 Apr 2019, 19:34 by Debbie Houston
click on the file below to download a 2019 Mother`s Day Stall price list

Mothers Day is coming up, and the P&C are once again at your service! Our Mothers Day stall has some fantastic new items this year, so please grab something for Mum and Grandma, and support Undurba State School!

We need some volunteers to help set up the stall 7th May and to serve the students over the counter during the school hours on Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th and Friday 9th May.

This year we are asking that (if possible), students bring along a bag to put their shopping in. It may be easier for students to carry their shopping items in a bigger bag rather than multiple bags from our stall.

Once again, we ask for parents’ understanding that while best efforts are made to maintain stock levels over all days, we cannot guarantee availability.

Online vouchers are once again available. To prepay for your student’s shopping, simply log on to and purchase a voucher. No loose change getting lost in school bags – fantastic!

Thank you to parents last year in providing preferences on the price list – this enabled volunteers to help your student finish their shopping with a smile! Please consider marking your preferences on the price menu so shopping is easy!

Debbie Houston,
16 Apr 2019, 19:34